STOP LEASH PULLING! Puppies and/or older dogs

August 22, 2014

leash thumb 1 & 2_SnapshotFor many, many years now, after taking a lesson with a client on how to teach their dog not to pull on the leash, I would send them a link to a private “Stop Leash Pulling” tutorial. That way, they had unlimited access to a tutorial that helps remind them of everything we covered during the lesson.

Well, I am now making these tutorials public, well, as long as the ‘public’ likes them. I’ve added a lot more to them since they’re not just for reminding someone of what to do, but explaining the whole process step by step.

FYI- Generally there is very little compensation putting these tutorials out in the public domain, unless of course I get in the hundreds of thousands of views….so if you like my videos, click like and subscribe to my YouTube channel so that I can keep providing this useful info to all you animal lovers for free!


Robert Dollwet

Here is the first video to be released:  LEASH TRAINING A PUPPY  This is a training exercise for young puppies BUT can be applied to dogs of all ages, especially sensitive dogs.

Here is  STOP LEASH PULLING #1 for dogs older than 4 months of age.

Link to STOP LEASH PULLING #2 is located at the end of video #1, and in the description area of #1

If those are successful, I’ll make more videos



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