I love cats! and yes, they can be taught all sorts of things, but...

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There is one thing you don’t want to teach your cat to do. FYI – I’ve removed all the toilet training videos from YouTube. I realised there are only a few situations that would justify teaching a cat to do this. You can read below my justification 

I love cats! And yes, they can be taught things! On my YouTube channels, I get thousands, even occasionally – tens of thousands of hits PER DAY for my cat videos. My first viral video was in 2006 (YouTube started in 2005). It was a video of my cat ‘Quiz’ using and flushing the toilet! 

I’ve taught several cats since then how to use the toilet, and because I’m a professional animal trainer, I knew all the rules involved, so, I decided to make tutorials to teach other people, but realised the majority of people didn’t understand what it takes to train a cat such an unnatural thing.

For one, only cats that live strictly “indoors” have the best chance for success. If your cat has access to outside (indoor/outdoor cat) they will “hold it” until they’re let outside. If they can’t get out, they would rather toilet on the floor in the house, than in the toilet. I taught my cats Quiz and Didga to use both places, but it took lots of time teaching them (and I’m a professional trainer)

Confusion: There are different steps in the process where a cat gets confused, and if you’re not physically there to direct them to the place you want them to toilet, they will develop a bad habit of doing #1&2 on the floor. Once it happens a few times, it becomes almost impossible to fix.

No Breaks: Once you start your cat on this learning path, it’s not something you can take “breaks” in-between. It slows the process down and only confuses the cat (even more). 

It takes a unique cat, probably one in a few hundred have a more natural ability to adapt. To me, it’s not worth putting a cat through the process to find out if you have that kind of cat. One way to tell is a cat that uses the toilet on their own.

A few other things that need to be aware: you have to make sure your cat doesn’t have any medical problems i.e., bladder infections. If you have just one-toilet in your home, you can share, but it will be a HUGE inconvenience not to mention not very sanitary. 

So unless you’re home all the time, and you have 8 to 12 weeks to dedicate, and you happen to have that unique kind of cat, then don’t bother starting.


Note: I’ve built a sandbox for my cats, it’s a lot more work, but the cats prefer to toilet in the sand over everything else. I don’t mind doing the extra work for them. But if you’re looking for ease and convenience, then the pellet litter is the way to go.

Check out my other tutorials on my YouTube channel, at CatManToo

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All the best. Robert, Didga, Boomer, Bindi, and Jeb


6 thoughts on “Toilet Training a Cat?

  1. I love this cat Didga! Question… I found tutorial one but are there more and where might I find them?

  2. Should I send email to separate email address? Here is my issue.

    We are training two cat to use the toilet. It had been going fairly well, although poop ends up outside the toilet. ( Stage they were in: 2-3 weeks with kitty litter in a lasgne-type tray ( similar to the bowl method you suggest ). That is one problem. But now both cats are pooping and peeing elsewhere around the house. I think I know the answer, but should we go back to kitty litter in bit litter box on the floor? ( Yes?).

    Also should we isolate them in the one area of the house – we can in a small hallway and the bathroom.. until they start using the bathroom (either back to a kitty litter box, or keep the pan/litter in the toilet).

    I can give more details if you need the details…

  3. Go back to the stage they were doing perfect and you have to move along at the pace of the cat that is not grasping the process as quickly, REALLY watch the video and follow the advice as prescribed, use the things that I use (or as close as possible). sometimes isolating or restricting area is a good idea.

    Also I’m going to update this post and let everyone know, I’m only answering questions that are asked through my CATMANTOO APP search your APP store, use the “your wall” tab to ask your question.

  4. HI, there are links to some of the other tutorials located int he description areas of each video. Also I’m going to update this post and let everyone know, I’m only answering questions that are asked through my CATMANTOO APP search your APP store, use the “your wall” tab to ask your question.

    All the best Robert And DIdga

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