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August 16, 2014

I know, I’m supposed to be marketing myself more as a “dog trainer” by making more dog videos, but my cat videos get 10 to 20 times more attention… more hits means more attention to our sites which gives me a larger audience to get the word out on all the important animal welfare causes that need attention, like Adopt from a shelter don’t buy from a store or online, spay and neuter your pets, don’t ever have a cat declawed, feed a species appropriate diet (mostly raw) and how to properly teach your cat, etc. Also everyones a dog trainer, so I had to stand out to really show my professional ability, cats can’t be trained right?

It’s not that I won’t make any more dog videos, I will, but I will be making mostly cat videos. I hope you understand and I don’t lose you as one of my viewers. With that said…

If you have a dog, you can follow along with the advice given from many of my cat tutorials (getting much faster results.) HOWEVER, if you have a cat, you can’t follow along from what you learn in most dog training tutorials.

Both my channels, Malibu Dog Training and CATMANTOO have partnerships with YouTube, between them, I’m have over 64 million views!!!

Here are my latest viral cat/dog videos that you can find on the catmantoo youtube channel>  and the catmantoo Facebook page >

CAT Super Skateboarding Adventure  (7.8 million views)  – CAT Super Skateboarding Adventure

HAPPY  DOGS and CAT  (13.5 million views) – HAPPY DOGS

Wanna go for a walk (300k views) – Wanna Go For A Walk

Cat barely escapes jaws (over 2.6 million views) – Cat Barely Escapes Jaws

Cat uses then flushes toilet (2 million views) – Cat Uses Toilet then Flushes

Purrkour – Didga the Parkour cat (2.4 Million views)  – PURRKOUR – DIDGA the Parkour cat

Didga Dreams Big (trick compilation video) 7.8 Million views –

Cat Surfs Swimming Dog!  ICE SURFING


I really appreciate the “likes” comments, thank you for sharing and for subscribing.

Robert Dollwet

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