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We love our FB & IG followers! over 1.5 million of them. It’s a better way to communicate with our fans and easier to share the cats adventures. I post photos, articles, old and new videos, even “Go Live” so you guys can see what we’re doing or where we are.
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Robert, Didga and Boomer

7 thoughts on “We’re on FB, IG and YT – catmantoo & Malibu dog training

  1. The positive behavioural changes you’ve been able to achieve with Biggles,Wilson and Peggy are truly amazing.
    I know that if I were to follow up consistently on what they learn on their Monday doggy outings with you and their pack, they and I would benefit even more
    Thankyou for all you do, Robert.

  2. did you do the video with the dogs and us the song happy. if so i love it. i work for a number of animal organizations, and you can truely tell you have a love for the animals.

  3. Hi Robert!
    I’ve been following you for some time on FB and Instagram. I keep up with your postings. Please continue to post!

    from CT, USA

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