I get a lot of questions about the cats, training, and (sometimes) me.

Here are the Q & A’s

Q: If I come visit The Gold Coast area, how can I meet the cats?

A: I’m no longer out-n-about doing our street performances, sorry. The cats are just normal house-cats

A little about me: I’m an American now dual citizen, living on the Gold Coast of Australia. I moved here from Los Angeles/Ventura area. I’ve been a professional animal trainer / behaviourist for over 38 years. Trained police dogs in the US Air Force, trained animal actors in Hollywood, then had my own business in Malibu (for over 28 years), with clients like Pam Anderson, Olivia Newton John, Mel Gibson, James Cameron, Dick Clark, Penny Marshall to name just a few.
Once arriving in Australia, I continued my business “Malibu Dog Training” over here – conducting private one-on-one lessons. I had extra time on my hands so I started making YouTube videos using my clients dogs. It was during this time I was longing to get another cat and start another YouTube channel “CATMANTOO” (I’m a dog person/trainer but I’m a CATMANTOO) to educate people about cats. I was hoping to dispel many of the myths associated with cats, i.e. like they can’t be “trained”, they need to roam to be happy, they need to be declawed so they don’t scratch the furniture (unfortunately declawing is still practiced in the U.S.) and many other myths. The cat I was looking to adopt was going to be an ambassador for shelter cats, so I needed a confident cat to teach amazing things to, this will help bring attention to my channel and the causes. At the shelter I looked at many kittens but this cute little energetic and confident 13 weeks old kitten caught my attention the most, she was just the cat I was looking for.

Side Rant: Finding an amazing cat like Didga + my experience + living in this part of the world, is the “purrfect” storm for what I do on CATMANTOO. So please DON’T “try” with your cat many of the things you see Didga and Boomer do, and understand that lot’s of time, weeks, months, even years of practice may have to happen before filming even starts. I would feel bad if your cat got injured or you “forced” them to do something they didn’t like. Even something like walking a cat on the leash requires patients and a specific teaching technique that needs to be followed. If you’re expecting immediate results when teaching animals, especially cats, then you’re doing it wrong.
If you would like to learn how to teach your cat, I have a few tuts on my YouTube channel, OR sign-up to my patreon page where you’ll find a whole library of tutorials. YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL13_PCMfTxmyp0mrc3yx5CKjEAnAJpflr

PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/catmantoo


How old is Didga? [Did-ja] 8 years old. Born January 1st, 2012

Is Didga a boy or girl?  A GIRL. FYI – In many Countries, if the first name ends in an “A” it generally means female/feminine

Why the name “Didga”?  Didga is short for Didgeridoo (Australian musical instrument). I came up with the name while on my way to pick her up at the shelter. There’s a breathing exercise I learned while learning to play the Didgeridoo, the exercises went like this, “DIDGA, DA-DIDGA BREATH”. (repeat several times). that’s when it came to me.

What breed is Didga:  Domestic shorthair/Tabby

(About ‘Boomer’) short for Boomerang,  born May 9th. 2015  He is a “Bengal”.  One of several breeds considered “high maintenance” and let me start off by saying, they don’t make good pets, and if I didn’t do what I do, being home most of the time, dedicating almost all of my time to my cats, I would NEVER have any hybrid cat (like a bengal). They are wild (even if just a part of them) it’s not fair for them to be kept in the confines of a home, even with a few walks per week is a cruel place for these wild natured animals. Especially not recommended for “cat people” as they are way too much cat, more like a siberian husky, an animal that needs TONS of stimulation, requiring lot’s of your time & energy than most other domestic cats. They also need space to run off their energy or you won’t be getting much sleep, OH! and they do this screaming meow ritual several times a day, you’re sure to get a notice from councel/animal control on your door.  But you can’t just let them roam freely outside because they have an additional 20 to 30%  killing success on the local wildlife than most other domestic cats, and THIS IS NOT GOOD.  Note: I have A LOT more to say about the breed (pros and cons), so if you’re thinking about getting one, definitely read my blog FIRST. (On this site) “Is the Bengal Breed right for you?”  https://catmantoo.info/2017/05/23/is-the-bengal-breed-right-for-you/

Bindi & Jeb were foster kittens, I noticed great potential within the first week, I didn’t want to separate them so I adopted them both. Their mother was a domestic shorthair/tabby like Didga, she was found on the streets, pregnant, so we don’t know what breed/mix the father was. a long haired breed of some sort. I smile many times a day at how amazing and cute they are individualy and when they’re togehter. I’m very lucky to have such wonderful cats


Are cats ever too old to learn?
A: No, cats can learn at any age. obviously there are things you should be aware of, like physical limitations on young kittens and older cats (geriatric), also mental memory limitations. the optimum age for teaching them is between 5 months to 3 years Adjust the training accordingly. What’s more important than age is technique (Follow my tutorials to learn the right technique)

Can any cat be trained?
A: Pretty much yes, but cats with higher “food drive” will learn faster. Younger cats (under 2.5 years) are more active and generally have a higher food drive and are generally less fussy about what they eat. Older cats (over 2.5 years) generally are less active and will eat less, and are generally fussy about what they eat. Less training sessions = slower rate of learning. With older or food finicky cats you need to raise the value of their rewards to keep their attention.

How do I get my cat interested in food/treats?
A: Even the most finicky eaters eat something, try a gamier meat to entice them, and most important make “training” times the only times they eat. you’ll notice your cat is more active and will start to pay attention during training sessions.

What kind of food/treats do I recommend?
A: I can only tell you what I use for Didga and Boomer. 60% RAW concoction, 20% raw meat and the rest a high quality holistic can food with occasionally some air dried kibble. Cats are meat eaters, the gamier the meat the better. Raw being best,  “human grade” in moderation because I noticed a behaviour change after feeding it to Didga for 6 days. Her energy level went down.
High quality raw foods may be a little bit more expensive but I always say, pay for it now in high quality food or pay for it later in vet bills.
There is a raw dog food company out there called B.A.R.F. Biologically appropriate raw food and I had Didga on that for a year until I found a a raw mince that Didga went crazy for and is what I still feed today.
Because I do a lot of training, I buy the food frozen, measure out portions in individual bags (bio-degradable bags) and freeze for later use. I place the bags in my “bait bag” and use a spoon to deliver smaller bite size rewards.( It’s weird to be vegan but then feed your cat raw meat.) In summer hot months or for cats that don’t drink a lot of water, add water to the raw food.
NOTE: Whenever abruptly changing an animals diet, it should be done gradually over a two week period.

Are some breeds easier to teach than others?
A: Sort of, but there can be other reasons ‘known’ teachable breeds aren’t as teachable. “BOOMER” (a bengal) known to be one of the most teachable cat breeds isn’t as teachable as Didga, especially once we get outside with all the distractions. (At this stage of his life, things can change as he ages?) or it could be I’m just spoiled from having a special cat like Didga? (from the shelter).  What’s probably more important than a particular breed is “high food drive” cats with it can learn faster and can learn more things. This is a big factor of Didga’s amazing talent.

Do I let my cats roam free (unsupervised) at all?
A: NO WAY! They are indoor/outdoor leashed or supervised. Because they’re trained, or when I’m filming, they’re allowed off the lead to explore in safe areas (supervised of course),

Do I answer people’s training/behavior questions on here or other social media pages, i.e. Facebook, etc.?
A: Sorry, not that often because I get many questions, and there is no time to answer them, besides I shy away from answering because as a behaviourist Its important to get a lot of other information about their home environment before determining the best course of action to take. When I did home lessons, I needed to spend about and hour and a half with the clients, so a quick email with a question isn’t professional, besides, that’s why I make tutorials and answer questions for people on my Patreon page. https://www.patreon.com/catmantoo

How do you get two animals to get along?

A: I made a video tutorial with tips for a dog and cat relations (video on my YouTube channel and on Patreon.) For introducing a cat to an existing cat(s), look for the written post on my Patron page https://www.patreon.com/catmantoo

Why are your cats so comfortable outside and not afraid like other cats?

A: It helped that they were all confident, fearless kittens, then I taught them tricks using lot’s of food reinforcement, practicing in the same places,  for many months. This all help to build their confidence even further. Clicker training is a great way to creates a more positive association to scary things. exposing them gradually to those things they fear using the clicker and high value food (or play) to reward them, if they don’t eat or play when exposed to the fearful thing, you’re probably trying to hurry up the process. FYI – it can take many many weeks of practice to get them over fear, and that’s if you’re doing everything right. NOTE: First I took them around in their pet carrier, getting them used to the sites and sounds of places, usually the same places everyday. while there, I practice their training (outside the carrier) behaviours that were first taught in the home, As I noticed them improving and showing less fear, they more time would be spent out of the carrier, until I only needed the carrier on occasion (eventually not at all). Be aware that the carrier idea only work if they love being in their carrier, I’m sorry but I don’t have a tutorial on that… yet.

Good news! I’ve made a few cat and dog training video tutorials available (free) on my YouTube channel. and I have many more tutorials for patrons on my Patreon page. I’m hoping people value my advice, my time and want to help me help cats and other animals around the world. Become a patron. To learn more> https://www.patreon.com/catmantoo

You can find other training advice by visiting my website, and other social media pages. Follow/subscribe  Facebook      and Instagram @catmantoo

How do we help spread the word about your cats, and the catmantoo page?

A: “Sharing” it’s the best way to spread the word about us, you can also share our content with the pages you follow (or messenger)   🙂 Clicking the “likes” button and making comments, all is appreciated and I really do try to read them all. (POSTING TIP) To increase the chance of your friends seeing your posts (you may already know this?) is to “like” your own posts, and if you comment on your own post fb see’s this as activity on the post which gives the post priority to be seen by more people.

If we see one of your videos on another page with no visible tag to your page (catmantoo) what can we do to alert you to it?

A: you can tag us in the comments @catmantoo or send us a link to the page. or take a screen shot? basically I just need the name of the page and date of post. It doesn’t happen “as” frequent, but my videos used to get stolen all the time, especially Didga skateboarding at the skate park, OMGoodness! Every week for over a year I found at least 5 stolen copies of my videos, most were the skateboarding video.

That’s all for now, I do add new Q & A’s on occasion so keep checking back.

If you’re still reading this, comment below with a “hello” and where you’re from?  or if you have anything to add, maybe a question you think should be answered above. again sorry if I don’t answer your question.

Thanks for listening

Robert, Didga, Boomer, Bindi and Jeb

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  1. I love your approach to training and what you and Didga have achieved. Didga is such a lovely cat! You’ve inspired me to teach my cats about walking on a lead. George (1 year old Burmese) is responding well. Lily (lazy 6 year old Burmese) is not interested and Mitzi (7 year old moggie) is ok with the harness but not the lead. One problem I have is the harness. George and Lily are a bit longer from collar to the loop which goes around their tummy and it looks uncomfortable. I noticed that the harness you use on Boomer is longer than mine. Can you recommend a brand that I could get?

  2. Hi Robert, I hope to teach my three and a half month old silver spotted bengal “GIZMO” some tricks. He is my second bengal , so I know what they’re like. I think once you’ve lived with a bengal, you can never go back to just a normal cat. I hope to learn from your tutorials.
    Cheers, Carla

  3. Hi Robertt, I’m a big fan, and Georgi — tabby from the SPCA — says “thank you”. We enjoy your YT videos. She lets me trim her claws because you taught us how. She’s outdoors on the lead for short sessions now. Patience is everything! All the best to you, and keep those videos coming.

  4. Enjoyed reading the FAQs, especially about the Bengal breed. Love Didga and Boomer and appreciate your skill and hard (or is it easy?) work in training them. Your posts come first on my FB feed so I can start every day with something good. Thanks!

  5. I’m interested to know why Didga wears a collar and lead but Boomer wears a harness and lead – why the difference?

  6. Hello
    Love the clips of your cats. Since having my cat who was 8 she has learnt some minor tricks and she has me trained too. She is now 11 and I k8ve her to bits.

  7. Thanks for the info on what you feed Didga and Boomer. It’s so hard to find a quality pet food.
    Thanks for all your tutorials. My cat is 2 years old and more like a dog than a cat.She loves the water and playing hide and seek and jumping out at you.
    I love finding different enrichment ideas for her .

  8. Hi Robert. My wife and I enjoy your videos with D & B very much. We live in Brisbane and a few years ago found a woman who developed her own formula dog food, and now has a business that produces cat food also. The food is all made from meat from ethical sources and she won’t distribute through pet stores that sell factory bred animals. Jenny has very strong views about animal rights and of course pet food. I’m not sure if you guys would agree on everything, but I do believe she has a good product, and we do like to support a local, ethical company. Here’s a link.


    I just thought you might like to check it out. Kobe our “rescue” cat loves the kangaroo patties.


  9. Love your videos! Your dedication to the health and happiness of your pets is very inspiring. Thank you!

  10. What an interesting post. Love your work and philosophy. Way to go mate! Do you have a mailing list or something so we can follow your amazing animals and adventures? Kind regards Jen

  11. Hi I am very impressed with your videos etc being a ex Military Dog Handler of 22yrs experience I still find u and other dog or cat trainers interesting as I too can still learn from your experience. I discharged from the R.A.A.F on the 10January 1995 but I have not used my knowledge of dog training since I left the R.A.A.F but I am still interested in all forms of animal training as it so good to watch people of your experience do so well
    Yours Truly
    John Willmott
    6 Rainbow Court
    Gowrie Junction Qld 4352
    Via Toowoomba

  12. Hat off to you my sincere gratitude for your kind love for the animals especially for the loved kitties I am a cat lover and feeding and care several feral cats and kitten God bless you

  13. Thanks for sharing such great article about cats. The social adaptations of cats and humans are similar enough that pets can live perfectly happy lives surrounded by humans and vice versa. Pets are pampered with the best of food and medical care, frequently have a rest in their owners’ comfortable sofa.

  14. Hello and thank you very much for showing and explaining how you work with your dogs and cats. It’s so much pleasure to look at the videos and see what Cam be reached when doing it professional and with respect for the animal

  15. Hello 😉 amazing how motivated you are in reaching them I admire you 😉 btw. I am also vegetarian giving boiled meat to my cats twice a day

  16. I love your work and your decision to make the videos. I look forward to seeing Didga and Boomer. Thank You for entertaining and teaching millions of watchers around the world with the knowledge you have been gifted.

  17. Hello. I’ll try to fix that. in the meantime you can search catmantoo and click on youtube. tutorials are on my page. thanks

  18. Your’e amazing, the time and dedication you display and love you have for your animals is outstanding! thank you for the hard work and allowing us to enjoy your beautiful cats xxxx

  19. Enjoy following you, Didga & Boomer on Facebook every day. I have learned much ~ while being entertained ~ watching all the videos. Thanks for all you all do!

  20. Hello from southcentral Pennsylvania! I love watching and reading about Didga and Boomer. It’s amazing seeing what cats can do when properly trained by a caring, knowledgeable professional. Please continue posting your adventures for us.

  21. My partner and I have been following your posts for ages and lapping up everything you do! We moved to Australia 3 years ago and have been waiting til we had a good place to live before we got some kitties. We have 2 adorable Abyssinians, they’re 12 weeks and adjusting really well to the house, us and clicker training. They will be indoor kitties but we’re really hoping to get them comfortable on leads so we can go out and explore together. We got some kitty harnesses – the smallest we could find – but they are too big for the kittens right now. We can feed them in the harnesses but if they try to run around the harnesses roll into and sometimes over their legs which is distressing. I know you don’t like to respond to questions but I have searched to find what harness you used for Didga and Booma when they were young and I can’t find anything. If you have a chance please could you let us know which brand / site you got for them, it would be hugely appreciated! Even if it’s a public post that would be cool because I’m sure lots of people have the same question. Thanks so much and thanks again for all your videos and information, it’s really awesome!!

  22. any ideas Robert on how to get a feral cat which I’ve been feeding since a kitten for a year to allow me to pet her she only lets me get within about ten feet now

  23. My young Siamese male seems like a good candidate for training. We have 4 or 5 tricks down so far. Problem is I dont know what i am doing. I WOULD LOVE TO LEARN MORE FROM YOU ! I am having a blast at this. I dont want to confuse my little man… so any thing i can learn from you is greatly appreciated! In fact you helped us a lot so far but we are yearning to learn more ! THANKS FOR PUTTING YOUR SELF OUT THERE ROBERT

  24. Hi from Auckland, NZ! Just wanted to say I love your postings! We also have cats, a Russian Black and a Bengal. Inside cats, only outside on the balcony when we are. Our Bengal is really clever and we thinks she listens to us better than many dogs we know. We are slowly changing our cats diet from dry food in the morning and tinned food at night, to home cooked chopped up chicken with some chicken livers and hardly any dry food. They are picky eaters and I am taking my time changing. I would like to transfer to raw slowly. Can you talk a bit more about cats food, like how much they need to eat per day, do you add anything else like vegetables? Eggs?
    Thanks very much.

  25. I love your videos. I’ve got 2 kitties hear at home & for the longest time thought I was a fairly savvy cat person until my current 2 have never really gotten along. Would love to see a tutorial on aggression as we have issues w/1 cat stalking the other!

  26. Hi, thanks for the support, looks like I’ll be making more tutorials in the next few months. but a little heads up for you, you’ll want to learn about clicker training, hopefully your cats have food drive, but clicker training should help your situation. I will go into more details in the tutorials

  27. Hello,
    I know more than most about food, but there are more knowledgable people out there that I would rather refer you to. like Dr. Karen Becker
    All I know is a species appropriate diet is the way to go. Eggs would NOT be on that list and veggies play a very small role. a young cat will eat many times per day but as they get older they require less and less feeding times, I feed twice a day but fed them 3 to 4 times a day when they were younger.
    My specialty is behaviour modification and training.
    thanks for following

  28. Hi,

    That’s a whole video of explaining. but just think of a systematic approach/micro baby steps, using MAJOR HIGH VALUE FOOD a little closer to you each time

    look for my patreon page hopefully up in the next few weeks, if enough people help this will free up time for me to answer direct questions and of course make more tutorials


  29. Hi,

    Not sure if I responded, but I think I used an adjustable collar from ROGZ their small is small enough for 12 weeks
    I hope to have more time to answer direct questions from people, look for my patreon page hopefully up in the next few weeks, if enough people help, this will free up time for me to (answer direct questions) and of course make more tutorials


  30. Great to hear, I wish everyone was veg or vegan, just like oil/coal is not needed anymore, “old technology” so to speak, eating animals is not needed anymore, a thousand more choices than they had in the cave man days 🙂 people need to realise there is a much healthier and humane way. Animals don’t have to die anymore, thankfully many millennials are going vegan, so the future look brighter for animals.
    Did you know dogs can go vegetarian? it’s true I wouldn’t have believed it many years ago but I’ve seen several vegetarian dogs and they look fine and bulky. it was great to see, but cats can’t go veg,
    anyway, all the best

  31. Have volunteered at shelters since 1990. Didga is wonderful) ambassador!
    Please do stress that cats are NOT vegetarians just because their guardians are.
    Have just started a Playlist of Didga tricks. What is the video title for the one in which she pushes bro Boomer on skateboard? Awesome!!!

    Impressed that Didga learned many tricks that even some dogs might not do, such as dropping dead backwards, or the sidesteps.

    Feel that some cats are mind readers. One shelter kitten did tricks without any treats or rewards, we were just playing and having fun.

  32. Hi Robert,
    I really like what you do with Didga and Boomer, it’s amazing I’m in Australia for two months to see my sister who lives there.
    I know you live in Coolangatta, so I would really like to see you and the cats too if it’s possible I will be in Gold Coast in June 9th, 10th and 11th normally !
    A Fench fan,

  33. Hi Robert!
    our YouTube channel and facebook page are very amazing and useful. Please – don’t stop. I’m from Moscow, Russia, leaving now in Bulgaria. We have three cats. We took them all from the street and now trying your lessons with clicker with smartest one. For my surprise it really works! May be one day i’ll make video and send you.
    Most of my life i was dog-person and with great pleasure read that you have dog-training business and so on… I’ll try to find your videos about dogs too.
    My best wishes for you and all your cats and dogs!

  34. Hi Robert. Live your cats. I’m totally amazed at the concept. Thanks!

  35. Hello! I’m in California (East Bay) and am now focusing on training my newest family Member Igor, a 9 week old tabby. He actually has been with me from birth (only survivor of a litter of 5 to a feral mom). He is shaping up to be fearless and bomb proof! He and his 7 cat siblings, 7 dog siblings and 7 bird siblings make for a chaotic but loving home! I work at a veterinary hospital and he travels with me every where, even having a slew of fans at the clinic! Thanks to you for the inspiration to mold Igor into a kitty amabasdor

  36. Hi Robert! Your cats are beautiful! I saw the cat race video, and I noticed that Didga seemed to have a headstart (gasp!). Is it because Boomer runs faster?

  37. Hi Robert! Enjoyed Didga’s video! Will be following your sites and videos! I took a clicker for cats class at our local humane society when I adopted my now 4 y/o former feral (now 95% tame but still fears strangers and panics at visitors in house or near the catio). She did learn come and high five to the clicker. I wanted a way to get her to return to the house if she ever got out the door which has never happened thank goodness. Your video and site gave me me the insight to work some more using the clicker and her treats when visitors come and practice ‘come’ as we are in a new home now. Thank you for sharing your expertise and continued success!

  38. Hi! My little boy loves seeing Didga and Boomer on instagram. You’ve captured his imagination and he now enjoys trying to teach our (2 shelter) cats tricks.
    Hopefully we catch you in person at some stage!

  39. Hello, Mr Robert. I know it’s weird I’d add mister to your given name. It’s because it’s a difficult thing to call a person, especially a man I do not know by their first name. It’s my Korean upbringing. Respect.

    I just wanted to communicate to you how wonderful it was to discover Didga (Didja) doing her thing on the FB I think it was.
    I have seen a couple of these “Trick performing cats” on a télé programs a few years back, and it always manages to increase my heart beats in wonder. That’s exactly what Didja did to me, especially she is performing alone. The others were always in a group. She is most amazing little girl I have ever seen! Fantastic!

    It is pretty clear how much you have devoted yourself with her, so she is a very lucky girl. You are showered with the great luck also in finding her amongst so many. Sometimes it just happens that way. You are a wonderful Trainor, it’s very obvious, and I very much appreciate your advocacy for adoptions rather than purchases. That just seem very wrong when so many are out there in need. It angers me greatly when people treat these poor babies like rubbish and so easily throw them away when they’ve had enough! I wish the Karma things on them by a million fold! There got to be some sort of justice in this vast universe, don’t you think? Do you know what’s worse? These human animals profess that they are Christians, also god fearing. Disgusting monsters! Hypocrites, and liars! Ugh!

    Apologize for my rants. Just please know I think you and Didja is super ambassadors.

  40. Hi Kwihui,
    Thanks so much for your comment, I read the whole thing and appreciate the kind words, yes I am very lucky to find her.
    To answer your “rant” at the end 😉 I guess I agree with the “karma” thing which is one of the many reasons I went vegan, as I realised I was being a hypocrite, saying on one hand I loved animals but then, being the reason so many were being slaughtered just so my taste buds could go mmmmmmm. All the best to you Robert, Didga and Boomer
    P.S. best decision I have ever made

  41. Hi Robert! I read all the post so i just want to thank you because you’re so honest and always say training an animal is all about patience and respect. I follow your adventures with Didga and Boomer since i saw you at animal planet chanel like 2 1/2 maybe 3? years ago.

    Again, thank you and please forgive my bad english, isn’t my first language because I’m from Mexico.

  42. Hi LLiana, Thanks for the message and for following us. Your English is probably better than mine.LOL! All the best

  43. Hi: I live in Mexico City and sometimes we have earthquakes, in the city there is an alarm that sounds when an earthquake comes from the coast and is 6.6 then in the city we have a little time to leave the houses or find a place to be safe. I have two cats who are 2 years old, they are brothers and I love them, what can I do for as soon as the alarm sounds how they can get into their transporter and be able to lower them with me. It hurts me to leave them alone when that happens, I live in an apartment on the third floor. Thank you for your help

  44. Thank you for all you do! You’re amazing with your animals. I especially like how you’ve trained them to walk your arms and stand on your hands. I have an 8yr old domestic short hair named Dora the Explorer and she’s very smart…definitely treat motivated. I’m going to start teaching her using techniques you’ve been generous enough to share. I’m going to start saving my pennies should you ever come to the USA: specifically Biloxi, Mississippi (lots of beaches, etc., the Biloxi Lighthouse pier…I hope you’ll consider it. My roommate has numerous connections with the powers that be and you’ll be hearing from some of them soon❣

  45. Thank you for inspiring me to train my ragdoll cat Florence to learn tricks and go outdoors. She is only 8 months but already has learned so many tricks, including loving to go on her skateboard (still on the carpet) every day. Each morning she doesn’t even let me drink my first coffee of the day or get dressed until we have run through her tricks – albeit so she gets her morning treats haha. And now, she is even happy to go in her car crate and travel on the motorway so I can take her to some great places to go on walks. Her world is so expanded thanks to your inspiration to me

  46. Will definitely be paying more attention to the training videos when I adopt my next pair of cats, certainly seems to be worth the effort. As a board member of my local shelter, I very much appreciate the fact that you encourage people to “adopt, not shop.” So many wonderful animals with so much love to give are waiting for their forever homes.

    Just curious…what led you away from USA to Australia?

  47. I’ve got a question for you. How would you introduce two cats? One is 5 years old, an one is almost a year. What Will you do? And how do you know when is the time to put them together? Wich signs shoul we look for? Thank you and kisses to your cats. Nika from Slovenia

  48. My husband and I have always loved cats and during our 53 years of marriage have had three pairs of cats plus one who adopted us. Most of the cats lived beyond 16 but cancer did take a couple. Our most recent little girl, Reggie, died quietly in her while she was sleeping on the bed. She would have been 18, an inside cat, of course. I couldn’t help but think, oh, or right for Reggie, she went on her own terms as she did everything in life. I taught her how to use a scratching post by getting down on the floor and pretending I was another cat scratching away. She and her companion Rex would always use that instead of the furniture. We had a Pagan memorial service for her with candles, bells, conch shell to blow and flute, favorite toys etc. It was a helpful closure. I would now adopt an older cat since my husband and I are older and if the time and the right cat come along, I’ll know in my heart that it is right. At present I’m facing hip replacement in three weeks so kitties will have to wait for now. Thank you for your most inspiring website. Above all, we have respected our cats and taught our children to do the same. Our hands gave food and pleasure, never teasing as I see some folks do. They were all good and gentle cats and oh, so funny and sociable with company!

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