Robert Dollwet has over 40 years experience as a professional animal trainer/behaviorist. He Started his long career training police dogs in the US Military (4 years), then moving to Hollywood, California and for the next 4 years trained animal actors for the television and movie industry. He then started his own dog training business in Malibu to help the rich and famous with their pets. During that time managed a pet hotel, that also provided training, grooming and doggie day care. After 19 years in Malibu, an opportunity arose to become a citizen of Australia. In 2009 he relocated to the Gold Coast to spread his knowledge with the good people of Australia. In 2012, with most things moving online, Robert seized another opportunity by realising that cats were more prominent on the Internet. He adopted a rescue kitten and named her “Didga”. Fast forward to today Didga is the most talented cat in the world, holds a Guinness World record! plus has a few hundred million video views around the Internet, and over 1 million followers on Facebook alone. Robert’s message is: “Adopt, don’t shop”, “Don’t declaw” and “Protect your cat and the environment by keeping your cats indoors”. Robert also provides creates video tutorials to help cat owners learn the proper way to teach their cat tricks or fix behavioural issues. Tutorials available on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/catmantoo

Note from Robert: After the lockdown I took a break from catmantoo and offered my dog training services again. Now in 2023 as we get back to normal, I’ll still offer those services but on a part time basis, as I’ve been asked back to be a presenter at The Cat Lovers Festivals, in Sydney, Brisbane and (hopefully) Melbourne? Tickets to the events on sale now

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