Cat Lovers Show  We were there in 2019, not sure as of yet if we’ll be there in 2020? Let them know you’d like to see us.

Carrara Cat Carnival  – Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th July 2020 9am to 3pm daily
Located in the Events Arena at Carrara Markets
Free Entry & Free Parking

Carrara Markets on the Gold Coast
Take exit 77 off the M1

Visiting The Gold Coast area?

We do various things each day and don’t always know exactly where we’ll be, however, I decided to pick one location we’ll be at, 3 times per week, It’s a great place for us to go practice training or just hang out and allow the cats to enjoy some outside time near the beach. Fans/followers/strangers can come by and meet the cats , give a QUICK pat, (take photo/video) all that’s fine, but it’s not a scheduled meet and greet so if I’m in the middle of training at that moment, or the cats aren’t in the mood, we will need some temporary space. We’re also appreciate tagging @catmantoo when you post/share the picture/videos you take.

PLACE:  (unless I’m on holiday or construction is going on, which is happening now) I’m usually In Coolangatta, Across from McDonalds along the beach bike path. (look for my white van with “catmantoo” signs on the side & back, although usually the back of the van is open, but there is usually a small training box and a few skateboards lying around.
DAYS: Wednesday, Friday and Sunday late arvo.
TIME: Approx 1600 to 1800 Note: during day light savings, approx from 1715’ish to 1900 QLD time (heavy rain we stay home)

Because of construction, we have been hanging out (same days and times) by the escalators in front of “The Strand” a Mall on Griffith street (near Coolangatta Hotel)

Please email me which day I should expect you.

Thanks, We’ll see you in OZ

Robert, Didga and Boomer