If I put the skateboard on the ground, Boomer will take off with it!

It’s true, he gets on the board and pushes himself with either one back leg, or runs with his two back legs to gather speed, then he hops on.

Of course I don’t let him take the board alone because he doesn’t know how to steer the board, he’s too light. and frankly it took over 5 months to teach him to push and I don’t think it’s fair or worth it to teach him to also steer.

Still, it’s amazing. So we turned his talent into a world record. Longest Human Tunnel traveled through by a cat on a skateboard.

Check out the video below, and Thanks for sharing our videos

Robert, Didga and Boomer



3 thoughts on “Cat Breaks Skateboarding WORLD RECORD

  1. I have watching u all for a long time I love u guys so much please keep doing what are doing I wish I could come to see them in person.Please let me know when u are coming to Baltimore Md. Thank u

  2. I watched the video of the World’s Most Talented Cat? with Didga skateboarding and such. Then I showed it to my five cats, none of whom was impressed. Sigh.
    I have had some success training a cat, but I’ve never been too serious. Now, however, I’m going to watch your videos and see if I can train one of mine.
    btw, they are all cats whose owners could not keep them, except one who showed up in my yard and wouldn’t leave. They are much loved and more than a little spoiled!

    Best to you–jeannie

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