jump4frisSome dogs have boundless amounts of energy, here are some ways to help tire them out.

jump4frisSome dogs have boundless amounts of energy, here are (more than) 10 ways to help tire them out.

1. Having your dog carry a dog backpack on your daily walks around the block. To add weight to them, use sand or water bottles. The packs can be found at pet shops or on the internet.

2. Obedience or trick training. Mental exercise is tiring also, owners don’t give this one the credit it deserves. It’s a great way to exercise your dog both physically and mentally.

3. Visits to the dog park, or a park with no dogs. Find an owner that has a dog with similar energy levels and set up play dates once or twice a week.

DOG PARK ETIQUETTE: Don’t bring aggressive dogs! (seek professional help), don’t bring your dog’s favourite toy, don’t feed other peoples’ dogs, clean up after your dog, use biodegradable bags, and watch out for fast running dogs. It’s a great place to practice the training your dog learned at home.

4. Doggy day care. Veterinarians usually have the phone number to the best ones.

5. Dog walkers, even a half  hour walk in the middle of the day can do wonders. Hopefully the dog walker will let them off leash or play fetch or tug of war and not just a boring walk around the block.

6.  To keep your dog busy while you’re away, toys like Buster Cubes, Kong’s (filled with goodies), large meaty (Raw) bones, and frozen ice toys are like puzzles for dogs and help stimulate them mentally for hours.

7.  Walk, run, bike, hike or just take your dog shopping with you. Stop off at one of these U.S. stores while doing your shopping: radio shack, Home depot or Lowes, all pet shops, coffee shops, some bowling alleys, outlet malls, flea markets and many others.  I even was able to take my dogs into a movie theater. Unfortunately there are limited places that allow dogs here in Australia, but they do have some good dog beaches. One thing that is starting to happen here, and I think other places is, you can register your dog as a companion dog. No longer do you need to have a disability to have your dog accompany you during your daily outings. Cool huh?

8.  Go to a beach or lake and let your dog swim. Play tug of war (read my blog for the rules: TUG OF WAR )

9. If your dog is ball crazy and you don’t have the throwing arm you used too, add a tennis racket or one of those throwing arm devices. Your dog will love it! Watch this funny video:

Tennis ball launcher <a href=\”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PcL6-mjRNk\”>

10. Practicing agility, which is an obstacle course for dogs. Also fly ball, canine freestyle (dog dancing), and frisbee throwing. If you have a treadmill, you might as well teach them to exercise on it.

Some of these things may tire you out too! Have Fun!

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  1. Web page has an incorrect link to your views on tug-of-war.

    It t is currently;


    It should be:

    My fee, can you demonstrate some corrective measures. I understand the clicker, I understand to reward the dog for the right things, but i don’t quite understand what I should do when they are not doing what I ask. I’ve tossed out my chokers, have a head harness now for walking etc. And have nothing on him around the house/backyard. We have many training sessions a day, and he is nicely food driven, and toy driven, but do I repeat my self if he is not listening, for barking, I’ve started walking out of the room, or making him leave, not stopping.

    This is rescue and although I’ve been trying to get him to respond to his name, he won;t. Not sure if it’s due to past experiences or not, but he ignores he name if I’m down the block or in his ear! 🙂


  2. Nice guidelines… ^^ It is very important for dogs to have their workouts. But during summer, minimize the workout sessions. You can still do some in the morning(early in the morning) or at night time. Because they are prone to heatstroke during that season. 🙂

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