dogbitmailNobody wants to face reality or they're being too politically correct. Quite often I hear people making excuses as to "Why" their child ( I mean dog) doesn't...

dogbitmailNobody wants to face reality or they’re being too politically correct.  Quite often I hear people making excuses as to “Why” their child (I mean dog) doesn’t behave or listen to them like they should.  I hear things like: They’re too tired, too distracted, not in the mood, I didn’t exercise them enough, etc. When the real reason is,  a) They never took the time to teach them  b) They don’t know exactly how to teach them or how dogs learn  c) They keep doing the wrong things without seeking professional help d) They treat them like a human baby  e) They’re afraid of scaring them emotionally by challenging them and their intelligence.

Excuses I hear from dog owners:

Too tired.

Too distracted.

They only listen when I have a treat.

They’re a rescue dog; they’ve had a tough life.

They didn’t get their exercise today.

I guess they don’t feel like it.

They must smell something

My dog is too young or too old (set in their ways)

He’s mad at me?

He’s trying to be Pack Leader or dominating me?  This is my favorite, from the perspective of an animal behaviorist, this is equivalent to:  Say you’re helping your child study for a test and you ask your child a question and they don’t know the answer; they must be dominating you.

Do I hear more excuses down here in Australia vs. in the States?  Well, I’ve only been here a year and I do hear excuses but in the States is where I’ve heard most of them.  This blog was kind of directed at the people of Australia because almost all dogs in this area are being walked on harnesses and of course pulling the owners everywhere.  I believe the owners don’t realize the true potential or intelligence of dogs and just make yet another excuse that dog’s pull on leash because they’re dogs.  To me, it’s a waste of a dogs mind, talent and well-being.


2 thoughts on “Top Ten Excuses

  1. My favorite are the breed specific excuses.

    Well, he’s an XXXX and they’re just always stubborn…

    or other excuses along these lines. Yes there are different breed characteristics, but any dog has the potential to be a well trained dog.


  2. Hi Mary,

    LOL – That’s also a common one. I had 15+ excuses written down- but could only use 10. “He’s an XXXX and stubborn” was the last one I took out.

    Thanks a bunch

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