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End of year blog to my subscribers...

Hello Subscribers,

On June 24th of this year (my birthday), I started this blog site.  So far I’ve published 51 blogs or posts and every month more people are visiting the site, so I must be doing something right.  I’ve also had many people (maybe you?) make comments about the stories I write, over 100 comments so far.  I’m not really sure if that’s good or bad, but to me any comment is great! I’m glad and hope people are learning things from this site, because I need people to read what I write, then translate it to their pets.  Together we can make their lives easier and in turn ours.

I feel like the flight attendant when they say “Thank you for flying with us, I know you have many other choices of airlines”. But really “Thanks” for reading what I spend time writing.  I have many more stories and training tips in me, plus I have some exciting things happening early next year and I hope you’ll stick around. Give your pet a hug for me..

Happy Holidays to you and your loved one’s.



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  1. Hello! I am enjoying and learning from your website. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Happy Holidays!

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