betdogpullThe better your dog is trained or well socialized, the easier it will be to take them with you on walks and in your car for day or...

betdogpullThe better your dog is trained or well socialized, the easier it will be to take them with you on walks and in your car for day or overnight trips. It’s a win-win situation, your dog now benefits because they don’t have to stay home alone and they can be with you more and you benefit because they don’t have to stay home alone and they can be with you more. Every time your dog goes with you and gets exposed to strange noises, strange objects, other dogs, adults and children, the better behaved they can and will become, especially since you’re there to teach them.

If your dog is not trained, un-socialized or doesn’t listen to you, you’re not going to hassle taking them with you, especially in the car. Untrained dogs usually bark at things as you drive down the road; they jump around inside the car; they won’t be quiet or calm down when you ask; you have to put on this complicated harness and extra thick leash to walk them; when you open up the car door they will charge out and almost pull your arm out of the socket; when on-leash they pull you and lunge at dogs or people. If a dog displays just one of those bad behaviors, it’s a reason enough to just leave them at home. The downside to this is they won’t get the practice they need to be better dogs. It’s a loose-loose for the dog.

Taking your dog with you should be hassle free and fun! It can also be a social experience for both dog and dog owner. There are many establishments that allow dogs and if not, there’s NOTHING wrong with them waiting in the car. Most dogs love the car and are actually more comfortable and feel more secure  in a car, than being home alone  (Not on hot days) A well-adjusted dog just sleeps in the car while you’re gone. When you come out of your yoga class and on the 15 minute drive back home you take your dog to the park or have them sit with you at a coffee shop, or stop by a store and walk them around and practice your training. A trained or well socialized dog will spend 45% more time with the owner, than people with untrained or unsocialized dogs. That’s Totally Awesome  from your dogs point of view! OK, I made that % number up, because I don’t think there has been any study. What I do know is a trained dog is allowed to be inside the house instead of outside, Goes on hassle free walks, more then leash pullers and goes on day trips or even overnight trips. My dog Schultz (mini-Schnauzer) accompanied me in the car 95% of the time. Even stayed with me in hotels with a no pet policy. I trained him to jump in my extra overnight bag and because he was well behaved, no one ever suspected a thing. He was truly living a human life in a dog suit.

When people would make  comments, and they did. “OH! Your dog is in the car? that’s mean”, I just tell them “Yes, and my dog is lucky, he spends 45% more time with me than your dog spends with you”.

Here are just some of the U.S. establishments I found that do allow dogs. If you know of more that can help my readers, please let us know. (This is in no way an endorsement of these establishments)

If you in another Country other than U.S. I’m curious what your list would look like.

Pet shops, Lowes, Home Depot, Radio shack, some sporting good stores, some banks, just a few movie theaters (early shows only), some bowling alleys and many outside cafe’s.

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  1. I have had dogs that begged to get into the car and others that didn’t want any part of it.

    There is not much worse than a dog that freaks out in a car and you are on a long trip.

    Good article.


  2. I know exactly what your talking about. FYI in most cases through counter conditioning you can get dogs to not mind or even love riding in the car. You need, of course proper technique, consistency and a lot of time and patience. That’s where hiring an experienced behaviorist can help. Most of the time I find it easier to just take the dog and have them live with me for a week to get them over their phobia, rather than expecting the owner to do the same as I.
    Thanks, I appreciate the comment

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