I know I'm supposed to be marketing myself more as a "dog trainer" by making more dog videos, but my cat videos get 10 to 20 times more attention, besides, there are...

I know, I’m supposed to be marketing myself more as a “dog trainer” by making more dog videos, but my cat videos get 10 to 20 times more attention… more hits means more attention to our sites which gives me a larger audience to get the word out on all the important animal welfare causes that need attention, like Adopt from a shelter don’t buy from a store or online, spay and neuter your pets, don’t ever have a cat declawed, feed a species appropriate diet (mostly raw) and how to properly teach your cat, etc. Also everyones a dog trainer, so I had to stand out to really show my professional ability, cats can’t be trained right?

It’s not that I won’t make any more dog videos, I will, but I will be making mostly cat videos. I hope you understand and I don’t lose you as one of my viewers. With that said…

If you have a dog, you can follow along with the advice given from many of my cat tutorials (getting much faster results.) HOWEVER, if you have a cat, you can’t follow along from what you learn in most dog training tutorials.

Both my channels, Malibu Dog Training and CATMANTOO have partnerships with YouTube, between them, I’m have over 64 million views!!!

Here are my latest viral cat/dog videos that you can find on the catmantoo youtube channel>  https://www.youtube.com/user/CatTrainerToo  and the catmantoo Facebook page > https://www.facebook.com/CatmantooOfficialPage/

CAT Super Skateboarding Adventure  (7.8 million views)  – CAT Super Skateboarding Adventure

HAPPY  DOGS and CAT  (13.5 million views) – HAPPY DOGS

Wanna go for a walk (300k views) – Wanna Go For A Walk

Cat barely escapes jaws (over 2.6 million views) – Cat Barely Escapes Jaws

Cat uses then flushes toilet (2 million views) – Cat Uses Toilet then Flushes

Purrkour – Didga the Parkour cat (2.4 Million views)  – PURRKOUR – DIDGA the Parkour cat

Didga Dreams Big (trick compilation video) 7.8 Million views – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zNiL9Hv2V5Q&t=3s

Cat Surfs Swimming Dog!  ICE SURFING


I really appreciate the “likes” comments, thank you for sharing and for subscribing.

Robert Dollwet

28 thoughts on “CATMANTOO – Viral Cat Videos

  1. Hello,
    I was wondering what breed is Didga?
    And I would also like to praise you on your amazing cat training skills!
    You truly are the Cat Whisperer!

    Thank you.
    Emma and Jon

  2. Hello,

    and thanks! 😉

    Didga I rescued from the animal shelter. Not really sure exactly what breed she is, just a domestic short hair, or grey tabby (moggie)? when we compared her to a cat chart of the different breeds, she resembled a California Spangle.

    All the best to you


  3. Please tell me if Didja is a male or female…is he/she that good of a skateboarder? Sorry if this seems stupid! Thank You! Loved your video!

  4. Pamela Bledsoe on Your comment is awaiting moderation. January 24th, 2014 7:28 pm
    Please tell me if Didja is a male or female…is he/she that good of a skateboarder? Sorry if this seems stupid! Thank You! Loved your video!

  5. What exactly does “partnerships with YouTube” mean? Does this mean they pay you per view or what?

  6. Yes, they pay me per view, but it’s not much which is why the videos need to consistently go viral to make a living.

  7. Thank you for putting the time and effort into your videos. I especially find the Happy Dogs one to Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ song delightful!!! It makes me smile and laugh every time I watch it. All the animals do indeed look very happy and content. Well done! I’ll bet the animals appreciate having something to put their mind to as well, instead of potentially just lying around all day.

  8. Do you believe there is such a thing as aggressive dog breeds? Or is it more that dogs who are behaving aggressively are a product of their environment, including (mostly) the way they are treated by their people?


  9. I am not a big fan of laser pointers as a play tool with animals. I notice you speak out against them for dogs. I’m assuming this applies to cats as well?


  10. Yes and No. almost all dogs can grow up to be aggressive, it’s only because of our close and early influence/companionship that conditions them that we are really cool to be around. on the other hand, if we’re not there early enough, they can fear or be aggressive towards some people. Yes, there are known aggressive breeds. there is a reason they use G.S. for police work and not a bischon Frise. Other factors can enhance or diminish aggression, like how the owner treats them or their living environment and positive and negative experiences..definitely not a black and white topic.

  11. Hi! Thanks for all your great videos. I showed the “Happy” dogs video to my mom and she was convinced Didga swimming with the dogs was fake. I then showed her the skateboarding video and I think she’s finally a believer.

    Anyway, I’ve started clicker training (based on your video) with my one year old tabby named “Scout.” She was found on the street as a stray kitten and I watched her as a favor for a friend. Well, of course she won my heart and now she and I are inseparable. I had never owned a cat before so when I took her to the vet to get neutered, he convinced me to de-claw her at the same time. I regret this decision every day as I didn’t research it until after the procedure. My question is, do you think the declawing will have any effects on her training?

    Thanks and keep the videos coming,

  12. Hello, sorry to hear about your vets suggestion. that would end my relationship with that vet, even at the suggestion. I’ll try harder to get the word out about declawing, With that said. The only limitation to training I can think of is physical, obviously your cat can’t “grip” when jumping up on something. I’m not aware of other limitations. what country do you live in?

  13. Hi Robert,
    Love watching your clips of Didga and the dogs. It’s nice to see pets having fun. Sadly, my dear 10 year old cat Yorba was killed by some dogs last week leaving me quite heartbroken. Although I am not ready to now, I know I’d like to get another cat but I want to do everything I can to keep it safe. Yorba was always inside at night and outdoors in the day. He mostly stayed in the yard with our dog that he grew up with but did roam occasionally to neighbouring yards which he was doing when he was killed (surprised by two dogs who were just visiting a house).

    Do you have any hints for encouraging cats to stay in a yard or should just keep in new cat inside? Do female cats stay closer to home?

  14. SORRY TO HEAR. 🙁

    Yes, females “generally” stay closer but training/supervising is what ultimately teaches a cat to stay close to home, i.e. boundary ‘type’ training. But not for a year or two of conditioning in order to trust them completely, they have to get that “exploring” need out of the way and that can take a few years. unless you really created a negative association with trying to leave the property at a young age and maybe several other times if they try, but that gets tricky, it’s easier to just keep them indoors, teach them on a leash,to come when called, and a negative word/sound that stops them if they stray to far. Have things for them to climb in the backyard or put some cool climbing stuff inside a “pen’ structure to keep them safe.

  15. I’m completely in awe of you and Didga. My cat Boo who I think is very talented can paw me to wake up and feed him every morning.
    But now after seeing Didga I’m thinking maybe I can get him to expand his amazing abilities.
    Is a four year old cat too old to train? I know you say in your videos kittens are easier but I’m just wondering if you have trained older cats as well.
    Thanks so much. Your “Happy” video makes me smile and laugh every time I see it.

  16. Ihi Robert,
    I’m getting my bangles cats sept. 27 and have been trying to find you cat videos on training but it has been really hard. How many videos do you have and do you sell them?


  17. Hello, I have about 10+ tutorials and they are (ATM) viewable on my youtube channel. I am in the beginning stages of putting together an app that will have many more tutorials and other information on cat training/caring

    have fun with your new B kitten

  18. Hi Robert
    I have had cats for over 40 years and when I would tell people they could train their cats, they laughed at me: so tyvm for the videos!
    Latest cat is easy to motivate (prawns) but most of my former cats were not food motivated, making the process much slower. What do you use?
    Also I find his cues are different. Eg Mojo responds to the (clock) time better than a command (call) eg when to come back indoors for food (5 pm) for lock up and sleep (9 pm). I could set up my clock on him, no matter the season. When outdoors, especially having fun or being afraid, coming back on call (Name, flicking a light) has been a much slower process (selective hearing lol). Why is ‘time’ easier for him to remember that to ‘obey’ a prompt ?

  19. Please address biting in tutorials. My 13 yr old rescue bites without warning, the rest of the time he is sweet

  20. I jus wanted to say how much I enjoyed following u n Didga..I’ve been a part of a catch n save in my town here in NY..so far I’m up to 59 cats n kittens off the streets ,3 live with me n 2 more live with my son’s grandma..the rest went to good homes .One of my cats is 16..she’s the boss of the 6yr old n her 3yr old son. Was wondering if u can train a 6 yr old or a 3yr old cat? Please let me know..Sincerely Cindee

  21. That makes me happy.

    Any age cat can learn, just depends on the technique used to teach and how consistent you are. Depending on the bad behaviour, Changing it 100% is rare, especially if the behaviour is ingrained, but you can generally improve the behaviour with time and practice. Download my APP to ask more questions and follow my tutorials available there. search CATMANTOO


    I mostly use raw meat, the gamier, the better kangaroo, rabbit, duck, etc.

    usually it’s whatever is the most consistent that animals respond too, especially if it’s associated with something really positive, e.g., food

    keep watching the vids to learn more. Download my free app where I have have more tutorials available. search catmantoo

    all the best

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