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People were asking, so we finally did it.

“> 24/7 store, with Didga and or Boomer on shirts for both women and men, different styles, colors, and different items. (a few more to come)

Teespring is the best T-shirt company we know, not only do they have good prices but their shirts are super good quality. Also, they have the lowest overseas shipping prices I’ve seen.

A portion of sales goes to help animals, and also helps to support our channel to keep the animal welfare causes on everyones mind, like adopt don’t shop, spay and neuter, keep cats indoors, Never declaw a cat, feed a species appropriate diet, and other important causes that need our attention.

We have been in partnership on and off (mostly off) with Teespring for a few years now and have never heard any complaints, but If you have any problems or questions, contact me directly

Thanks for visiting, here is our store link CATMANTOO STORE (Here is a sample of the shirts.)