up up and awayEmotional “Hello's and Goodbye's” are when you greet your dog in an excited way or when you are about to leave home and tell them to be a good doggy. If you have a new puppy or...
up up and away
up up and away

Emotional “Hello’s and Goodbye’s” are when you greet your dog or say goodbye to your dog in an excited way.

Many people don’t know that by “you” displaying this excitable behaviour you are teaching your dog, directly and indirectly all sorts of things, usually the wrong things, like jumping on you, being overexcited, maybe urinating, chewing, digging, barking, separation anxiety and other obedience and control problems…

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Following the advice is not going to be easy, because you have to adjust to your dogs needs and learning capacity, but if you can follow the advice then you are a true dog person- putting your dogs needs- ahead of your own.


  1. Hello,

    Thanks for the comment and I appreciate your need for part 2. Right now I am working on other blogs and will get to that one in the future. Although part 2 or 3 may be informative, they may not answer or solve your specific situation. What I can offer you is a Skype lesson? That way I can answer specific questions, and give you specific solutions that are catered to your specific situation. Let me know if you are interested, Regards, Robert

  2. Hey Robert,

    What an interesting article, I will definitely book mark this and refer to it often, I love the tweet you posted. Thanks for taking the time out of your day to keep us all informed. I believe that your efforts help to raise happy healthy puppies and dogs. We al;l know that happiness increases healthiness too. So here’s to you Thanks!

    Remember better health for dogs dot com

  3. Most people have trained their dog that “Hi” means to jump up. I like my dog jumping up (when signaled) but never during arrivals and departures.

    Thanks for the comment

  4. Hi Ryan, Appreciate the kind words. I like you are trying to educate owners about better health and better relationship potential with our pets.

  5. Hi Barbara,

    There’s nothing wrong with that, or is there? You can counter condition him by making many mock departures, slowly increasing the amount of time you’re actually out of the house. This will desensitize him of any visual or audible cues that normally lead to your departure.


  6. Hi Robert. Always enjoyed working with you and learning from you. I have a pack of 6 dogs so they aren’t alone. I use to think they were happy to see me and that’s why they wanted kisses when I came home. Then I realized they were really just checking my breath to see what I was eating. Most trips away from the house seems to involve something for them. Food, Toys, new leash or collar, etc. They think we are the greatest “hunters” . I always pick up new info from your articles.

  7. Hi Jean. Thanks! Yes, training animal actors was fun huh? great experience! It looks like you have an amazing place for the dogs in PA. It would be great to just watch them all day, but you have a responsibility to care for them too. I know it’s very rewarding work, the dogs look like they’re having fun also! Keep it up.
    Thanks for visiting, my site, I have many projects in the works- it’s just finding the time…stay tuned

    All the best. and thanks for the link ;O)

  8. We have 3 dogs now and will be adding another puppy soon. My concern today is the emotional hello. When my husband comes home from work, all 3 dogs rush to the front door, bark and jump on him and generally cause quite a ruckus, then he parades this barking pack all the way through the house to the back door where they follow him out into the fenced in back yard. I want it to stop, but how do we change this behavior now that it has been going on for years?

  9. Hi Kelly,

    First, I wouldn’t add another dog until you get these ones under some control. Second, It sounds more like you need a husband trainer (just kidding). and third; I wish I did, but I don’t have the time to answer the question to solve your problem, I suggest to call your local -dog friendly- trainer for more information.

  10. my story sounds like barbara’s above. we have a akita lab mix. 3 yrs old. leaving is not the problem, but when we arrive home, he is way too excitable and wants to jump up and won’t leave us alone. we were told at one point to just turn away from him, till he calms down. but this problem is ongoing. ?!

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