If you're a new or frequent visitor here on the MDT web-site or Facebook page, Welcome! I'd like to fill you in to how I make a living. Yes, I train dogs, but...

HELLO,  I’d like to fill you in to how I’ve been making a living these last few years. Yes, I train dogs, but I offer a unique program unlike any other dog trainer (I know of). People hire me to stay at their home and teach their dog(s) as many things as I can, plus stop as many behavioral issues as I can. It’s all done while the owners are on Holiday! It’s a program I like to call: “Doggy Behavior Makeover, Holiday Edition”. Sometimes you can add “Extreme” in front of “Doggy” <g>. It makes sense that the training is conducted in and around the dog’s own environment where the problems are occurring; plus it’s much easier for me to change the bad behaviors to good ones. After all, a blind person doesn’t teach their own seeing eye dog.

Since I’ve moved to Australia I’ve had heaps of bookings for this program. California twice, Melbourne, Brisbane, Byron Bay and many other places close to my area. Recently I was staying in Banora Point, NSW working with an 8-month old Chocolate Lab. While on the job, Sometimes I’ll film me and the dogs with the goal of making lots of tutorials. Everything from, how to stop behavioral issues to teaching your dog how to walk on a treadmill or put all their toys back in their basket. I’ve posted a few already on my YouTube channel, but have many, many more I’ll be working on. Stay tuned.

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  1. I enjoy your posts SO MUCH!! They are inspirational, educational with a twist of wit!! Your passion for your career is refreshing!Thank you! Two PAWS UP!!

  2. Thanks for taking the time to compliment me, I’m glad you enjoy them. Between FB and all the editing I do for my YouTube channel, I just don’t have the time to post here like before.

    Kindest regards, Robert

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