July 10, 2010


Step one: without turning on the engine place the puppy in the car for a few seconds, then place them on the ground for a few seconds. Repeat this – extending the time they are in the car but keep the time on the ground the same. Once you’re having them in the car for more than 20 seconds, start using the tease play method ( ) only when the puppy is in the car. The puppy will experience with you, fun, treats and play in the car and Boring! when they’re on the ground. Practice this step for 1-3 minute sessions, 2-3 times a day, for 1-2 days. Puppies adapt quickly but it’s still a good thing to be patient. (click on link to learn more about redirection tease play method, then watch the video on my YouTube channel)

NOTE: Inside the car, never praise or pat them in a nurturing, “oh everything is alright, don’t be scared” kinda way.

Step 2: When you notice the dog is getting more comfortable in the car, you can tell by how much they play with the toy you’re using, and/or the treats you’re having them earn, then start the engine and continue the tease play and going in and out of the car a few times.

Step 3: Once you notice your puppy playing and listening to get treats, drive the car just a few meters while continuing the tease play method. Continue to increase the time they’re in the car, but still stop the car to put the dog on the ground (for a short time). BABY STEPS

Step 4: Go on short car rides, having the dog ride in another seat and not on your lap. do these short trip as often as possible. If you ever have problems always go back to the level the puppy wasn’t getting sick and practice at that level a few times


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