Shockcollarare not a quick fix like people think. Owners don’t understand how to use them, they don’t cure the behavior problem, and
ShockcollarShock collars are not always the quick fix as people think, dog owners don’t understand how to use them, they usually don’t cure the problem, the dog gets the worst of it and it turns out to be a big waste of time and money. In other Countries they’re called Static collars, because truly its more of a static shock, like when touching something after folding clothes straight out of the dryer, or rubbing your feet on the carpet. If you’ve ever touched a 9 volt battery to your tongue, you know the feeling.  That’s why I’m not totally against these collars, especially if it will keep the dog from being sent to the shelter or from getting hit by a car. However, I would only recommend them if all other options have been exhausted and with the help of a professional knowledgeable trainer.  I would first recommend trying a citronella spray collar, they are actually more effective than the static collars, and much more user friendly.  But before we use any collar, we need to figure out what the direct and indirect causes are for the dogs bad behavior. You can’t be directly or indirectly encouraging, allowing or causing a behavior, then placing some device on the dog and think they magically understands your wishes. This is very confusing and unfair to the dog.
The more you learn about proper behavior modification solutions, the less you need to resort to these kinds of Techniques.

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1 thought on “SHOCK COLLARS

  1. Hi Robert, I am Elaine’s neighbor in Santa Rosa. I love your videos and have just been perusing your website for some hints to train our dog Buster. He has developed a reactive,obsessive response to people who are on our front porch or near our yard. It started with the mailman and barking. But has progressed to a reaction so aggressive he is breaking the shutters and knocking the furniture over. It mostly happens when we are not home. He has also figured out how to open the cupboard under the sink to get the garbage. That also happens when we are not around. We tried childproof locks but Buster got through two types. I am considering an electric wire area perimeter for the family room/kitchen or a shock/citronella collar. I am just wondering what you have tosay as you are so much more experienced than us.I also want to mention that he has also become obsessive re: reflections. We don’t tease him with laser pointers. If you have any advice I will try to follow it. I remember what a good dog Lucy was and Elaine always attributed that to you. So good on ya mate! Cheers, Denise

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