Treadmills for Dogs?

July 16, 2009

Some behaviorist are recommending to dog owners to exercise their dog on a treadmill, which in turn will help eliminate their behavioral issues. Its true dogs need exercise and if a dog is tired they are less likely to partake in inappropriate behavior, but the treadmill alone won’t cure a dog’s behavior issues.

Dogs are descendants from wolves. When wolves go hunting, the great advantage they have against their prey is endurance. They run their prey to exhaustion in order to catch them. Not all, but many dogs have what seems to be an endless amount of endurance. Placing a dog on a treadmill might tire them out a few times, but they will adapt as they would with other forms of exercise.

The treadmill also doesn’t offer the mental exercise that’s essential to a dog. Mental exercise  acquired by chasing their prey, or chasing and finding a ball, doing obedience or an agility obstacle course. Mental and physical exercises are in-direct ways for curing behavioral issues. You still need to apply Behavior modification techniques to directly modify a dog’s behavior. Read, Direct and In-Direct

Giving your dog an exercise outlet so they don’t take it out on your couch, or hiring a professional to obtain the knowledge needed to apply behavior modification solutions, will ultimately help cure or avoid behavioral issues from even starting. The treadmill ( DOG TREADMILL LINK) works great if there are no other exercise options available. If you already have one, you might as well train your dog how to use it, sounds like fun. Just don’t rely on it like some behaviorist would like you to think.

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