June 29, 2009

dogsnarlsI think it would be embarrassing to call myself an animal behaviorist/dog trainer or “Dog Whisperer“ if occasionally I was getting bitten by dogs or allowing my client’s dogs to get into fights. With my experience working with aggressive dogs, you can get better results by taking a more patient approach. This may not make good T.V. but in the 28 years as a dog trainer, I thought the name of the game was NOT to get bitten. Professionally I don’t think I’ve ever been bitten by one of my client’s dogs, nor have I ever gotten one of my dog training client’s dogs in a dog fight. I call it being smarter than the dog. Other than proper technique and knowledge to rehabilitate aggressive dogs and avoid being bitten, I carry a note book binder to my dog training appointments, it has a few teeth marks on it instead of my arm. I also was extremely lucky and never got bit by the many police dogs I trained. In the past when people found out what I did for a living they would say, “Wow, you must have a lot of patience.“ Now they ask, “what do you think of that guy on T.V.?”


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